Hague jihadist wants ankle monitor removed

According to his lawyer Derk van der Heijden, one of the two jihad suspects from Huizen wants to get rid of his ankle monitor.

The 31 year old man has to wear the ankle monitor to prevent him from leaving the country.

According to Van der Heijden the ankle monitor has a large impact on the suspect's life. He therefore wants the Public Prosecutor to handle the case as soon as possible. "I give the Public Prosecutor this month to complete the investigation, but there must be clarification. And I'm going to talk about the ankle monitor in any case."

According to the Public Prosecutor, the suspect, Rashid el J., is aiming to leave for Syria with his wife and baby. His younger brother Soufian has been fighting there on the side of terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) for more than a year. According to Van der Heijden, Rashid only wanted to bring his brother things for personal use.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed that the investigation into Rashid el J. is still ongoing. It is not yet known whether there will be a criminal case.