Terrorist attack plot against police leads to Amsterdam arrest

Investigators in Amsterdam arrested a 26-year-old man suspected of plotting terrorist attacks against police officers. The Moroccan-born man was in the country illegally, staying with family, the Public Prosecutor’s office said Friday.

His identity was not disclosed.

Evidence collectors seized a tablet computer, USB sticks, SIM cards, a mobile phone and a notebook following Wednesday’s arrest. No weapons were found at the scene, and concrete plans have not been discovered.

Police in London also announced today the arrests of four men suspected of plotting to murder police officers and soldiers on the street. The potential acts of terrorism are believed to have focused on a police station and Army barracks in London. No direct link has been made to the case in the Netherlands.

A magistrate ordered the Amsterdam-based suspect held in custody for two weeks following a hearing in Rotterdam, giving investigators more time to mount their case.

The investigation was started by the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) of the Netherlands, which researches potential domestic threats.