Socialists want ban on bike path scooters

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If it is up to the SP, they would completely ban the bike path scooters. With this proposal the SP hopes to solve the scooter problem Amsterdam is struggling with.

According to Parliament Member Fashad, the vehicle is outdated. "In the seventies the snorscooter entered as a motor-assisted bicycle. We now see that many people let their scooter drive faster and therefore might as well by driving a bromscooter."

For months a fierce debate has been going on in Amsterdam about the introduction of a compulsory helmet for snorscooters, allowing them to be banned from the bike path to the roadway. After much insistence by the Amsterdam city council Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure) promised that she would approve the plan. However, a majority of the Second Chamber is against the plan, partly due to the fact that there would thenb e different rules in Amsterdam than in the rest of the country.

According to Bashir (SP) the snorscooter can easily be converted into a bromscooter, resolving the problem. For those who prefer to stay on the bike path a temporary subsidy could be considered, where a snorscooter can be exchanged for an electric bicycle. "With this we immediately book enormous environmental benefits as the snorscooters provide a huge amount of air pollution."