New city hall readied in Utrecht

The municipality of Utrecht will be unreachable until Tuesday, according to the NOS, as the city's civil servants are making a big move to a new office. Municipal workers from thirteen different locations will now be housed in one collective municipal office.

The building is next to the Central Station, and was built in the shape of the letter 'U' for Utrecht. The NOS writes that the construction cost €200 million.

The building has been constructed with a lot of glass features, and the civil servants no longer work in cubicles. The council of mayors will also be working in the new office, as well as aldermen. In total, the building will be occupied by around 3000 employees of the city.

It isn't merely aesthetically that the municipal offices have been changed, however. Residents of Utrecht now have to make an appointment for everything, and can no longer walk in without an appointment for matter such as obtaining a new passport.