Prisoner escapes psychiatric prison

De Rooyse Wissel (Picture: Rooyse Wissel (Picture:

On Thursday a patient of psychiatric ward De Rooyse Wissel escaped his counselor during his leave. 

The Ministry of Security and Justice confirmed that the man "has evaded his leave", but would not say anything further due to the investigation by the Public Prosecutor.

The EO program Dit is de Dag reports that the man is Hans de B. He was convicted of attempted manslaughter.

De Rooyse wissel in Osstrum at Venray received a lot of negative publicity recently. It was found that patients in the clinic had easy access to weapons and drugs. Secretary of State Teeven set a patient stop in place after a visit, this still applies. The clinic was again in the news in late August after three patients died in a short time.

Both the Health Inspectorate and the Inspectorate for Safety investigated De Rooyse Wissel and concluded that there was no malpractice.