Evidence posb. destroyed in '95 Van den Hurk murder

The clothes Nicole van den Hurk was wearing when she was murdered in 1995, were probably destroyed within two months after the discovery of her body.

A report of January 11th 1996 states that the clothes were destroyed, says Job Knoester, lawyer of the suspect Jos de G. Counsel finds it incomprehensible if the clothes were really destroyed so quickly, De Telegraaf reports. With new techniques it would now have been possible to do a trace investigation of the clothes.

Prosecutor Erna Vrijhoeven said on Monday that the Public Prosecutor is willing to find out whether or not the clothes really were destroyed. She did not want to prejudge outcomes or respond to the accusations of the lawyer.

The 15 year old Nicole van den Hurk disappeared on October 6th 1995 on her way to her job in a supermarket. She was found in the woods between Mierlo and Lierop on November 22nd 1995, murdered and presumably raped.

Jos de G has been imprisoned since January because his DNA resembles traces found on the body of the murdered girl in 1995. He denies that he was involved in the murder. His lawyer says that the DNA trace does not mean that his client abused and murdered Nicole van den Hurk.

On Monday the court ruled that the suspect will remain imprisoned until the next hearing on December 2nd.