Rotterdam traffic clears after accident shut city access

A truck driving through the guardrail on the A16 at the Van Brienenoord bridge near Riddekerk junction caused major traffic problems around Rotterdam today.

According to the auto association ANWB there is a 40 kilometer traffic jam on the road to Rotterdam. Around 09:30 am the situation improved and the traffic jams around the city started to resolve, but the roads in Rotterdam were still gridlocked.

The biggest problem arose on the A16 southbound between Rotterdam and Breda, where the truck went through the guardrail at Brenenoord bridge. Many parts were scattered across the road. There was also an oil leak that needs to be cleaned up. As a result the main carriageway southbound has been closed for hours for investigation. In the parallel lanes, only a single lane was open.

There were also accidents on the A15 at the Botlektunnel in Europport's direction and on the A20 at Schiedam in the direction of Hoek van Holland, bringing traffic to a standstill in all directions. On the A13 there is a backup starting in The Hague.  A line of cars also waits to enter Rotterdam on the highway from Gouda.

The Department of Public Works advises the public to use public transportation if possible, or to postpone traveling until the problems are resolved.

According to the ANWB the problems are expected to be resolved around 13:00 pm today, but then the clean up has to start.