Crowd shouldn't be on Monster Truck route: guidelines

International American and European monster truck show guidelines specifically stipulate that there should be no public standing in the direction of monster trucks. This comes from RTV Oost on the basis of established guidelines from the Monster Truck Racing Association Europe. 

At the stunt site in Haaksbergen, where a monster truck ran into a surrounding spectators, killing three, including one child, people were standing on the same level as the stunt grounds. They were standing behind simple barricades, which is then in direct contradiction to the rules.

According to RTL, however, the permit for the event stipulated only that the public should stand at a couple of meters distance behind barricades. The Algemeen Dagblad writes that a concern of several of the visitors was whether the parking lot was not too small for the show.

The organization states that the monster truck drivers know what they're doing, and always say if they think the location is too small for their stunts. "A professional stunt team took care of the show. It is still unclear what exactly went wrong", Geerlof Kanis of the organization tells the AD.

Other monster truck events in the country are now hurrying to assure the public that their events are safe. Mojo, for example, the organizer behind Monsterjam says in an announcement that their events are set up so that their trucks cannot drive into the public. "That is guaranteed by never allowing the cars to drive in the public zone during the zone." Mojo also says that the seats at bottom row of their bleachers are never sold for safety reasons.