Theo van Gogh "bait" claims new documentary

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The film 2/11 - Het Spel van de Wolf (The Game of the Wolf) will premier tonight at the Dutch Film Festival. The film deals with the aftermath of Theo van Gogh's murder. The film director Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri on November 2nd, 2004.

Producer Gijs van de Westelaken co-wrote the film 2/11 - Het Spel van de Wolf with columnist Theodor Holman. Both were good friends with Theo van Gogh. The film is directed by Thomas Korthals Altes. The film suggests that the attack on the filmmaker could have been prevented. According to the film the AIVD had indications that Van Gogh was a target, but the evidence (intercepted telephone conversations) disappeared. Susan Visser plays a team leader of the AIVD, trying to figure out what happened to the missing information. She is a fictional character, composed from existing figures. Van de Westelaken and his team had one of the characters in their film suggest that Van Gogh was possibly used as bait to catch a larger fish. "That is a statement you can investigate in a fiction film. Is it true? I think we are very close to it. Anyway I hope the politicians will look at it in a good light." says Van de Westelaken. During the research for their film, the writers appealed to former employees of the AIVD for practical information about what happened behind the walls of this service, reports. But most of the research they had already done themselves. Some of this research was done for the documentary Prettig Weekend, Ondanks Alles, which was made in 2005. The dossier drama ends with a glimpse of the real Theo van Gogh calling "Halt" during the shooting of his film 06/05.