Netherlands to send F-16s to Iraq in ISIS fight

The Cabinet wants to send F-16 fighter planes to the Middle East to help in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS).

There is a lot of support in the Second Chamber for the use of the devices in Iraq, NRC reports.

It is unlikely that the F-16's will be deployed in Syria. There the United States just started air strikes against the terrorist group.

An extra cabinet meeting will be held this afternoon to discuss a so-called Article 100 letter. With this the Second Chamber will be officially informed about the military contribution to the international coalition led by the United States. The Cabinet may perform military action without the consent of the Second Chamber, but as a rule never does so.

The Netherlands contributed F-16's in Northern Afghanistan. This mission lasted twelve years and will end this summer. There were rumors a few days ago that the Netherlands wanted to use  F-16's in the fight against ISIS.

The terrorist organization has parts of Iraq and Syria in their hands and has proclaimed a caliphate in the occupied territories.