Chromium paint investigation begins at Defence ministry

The Defense ministry is expanding the investigation into the use of chromium-based paint.

Three other former NATO depots as well as all the locations where chromium paint was or is being used, will be examined during the investigation.

Employees of Defense had complaints about the toxic chromium-6, a substance in the paint and varnish used on tanks and fighter aircraft in a number of workshops. The safety investigation would have taken place in the five NATO workshops where nearly two hundred employees had complaints. It was later found out that employees of at least ten different workshops were exposed to high concentrations of chromium-6.

Additionally a historical investigation is also underway. This includes investigating all the reports and studies on the former NATO depots. Minister of Defense Jaenine Hennis-Plasschaert wants the National Institute for Public Health and Environment to look at the information.

The minister also stated that so far 515 employees and former employees who worked with the carcinogenic chromium 6 have registered at a contact point. Approximately one in five has medical problems.