No charges for jeweler's wife who killed robbers

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The woman in Deurne who shot and killed two men trying to rob her husband’s jewelry store last March, will not face criminal charges.

Justice Department has told journalists in Brabant that security camera footage shows that the woman acted in self-defense.

Deurne, a little town in Brabant, was thrust into the national spotlight on Friday March 28 after a in a jewelry store left two young men of Moroccan descent dead. Marina Sanders, wife of Goldies jewelry store owner Willy shot the men who were robbing the store. While many people called Marina a hero, others called her a murderer and her act prompted a series of by the Moroccan community in the town.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Eindhoven had meanwhile classified the shooting as a case of self-defense, and as it now stands, the entire management at the Justice Department obviously agrees. The footage from the security cameras has not been released, but according to the source at the Justice Department, the material shows that the woman grabbed her gun when she realized her husband was under attack.

The robber who was attacking her husband, jumped on top of him, upon which Marina fired the weapon; the bullet went through the robber’s arm and hit her husband. Marina’s second shot hit the robber in the leg, but then both men jumped on top of her husband.

She then gave them a verbal warning and when they continued, she fired two more shots, hitting both men fatally in their chests.

Justice Department said this shows there were no pre-conceived plans to shoot the robbers, as Marina acted step-by-step. The Justice Department has announced a press conference for next week Thursday, at which the video footage will probably be shown.