€23 million reward for MH17 perpetrators

A $30 million (€23 million) reward has been offered by an anonymous person for information to identify the people who brought down flight MH17.

This can be information on the person who fired the rocket, or about the person who gave the order or the persons and institutions involved in the attempts to cover up the facts.

The millions are currently in a Swiss bank account and managed by private investigators of the economic detective agency Wifka, De Telgraaf reports. The identity of the money's owner is unknown. Even Wifka does not know who he/she is and only worked through intermediaries.

Wifka guarantees informers complete anonymity. Informers are even offered a new identity through a witness protection program. Interested parties are advised to make contact through a lawyer and to not give any unnecessary details over the phone or email. The money will be paid out in Zurich or another neutral location of their choice.

This 30 million dollar reward is the highest reward ever to be offered for a tip. The reward offered for Osama bin Laden after the September 11th attack was $25 million.