Rutte sees no issue budget day row

The Cabinet maintains that the budged documents will be made public on Prinsjedag, September 16th. 

Prime Minister Rutte wrote to the Second Chamber that he sees no reason to depart from the agreements made by both Chambers. According to him this will do most justice to the Constitution, reports.

This is in response to a new request from the opposition in the Second Chamber to publish the budget documents now. The opposition is angry about the .

Yesterday RTL published figures on purchasing power. RTL reported that most Dutch will continue with lower benefits, higher taxes and less subsidies. Sole earners with children with an average income goes backwards 9.5 percent and twice the average 8.2 percent, RTL reported. Single pensioners with a large supplementary pension lost 9.5 percent in purchasing power, a couple with a large pension and a supplementary pension 10.2 percent. The do so not by government policy but by reductions in pension benefits.

Rutte acknowledges in his letter that for more than a decade it has been impossible to prevent premature reporting of the possible contents of the budget documents.