Dentist deported to NL amidst murder confession

A Dutch dentist was arrested in Canada last week on grounds of patient mutilation in France. In the first statement that dentist Mark van N. made, he made no mention of the mutilation accusation, and instead suddenly confessed to the murder of his wife in The Netherlands in 2006. He was deported from Canada to The Netherlands, and was arrested on arrival Sunday, CBC News reports.

Van N. (50) practiced in France from 2009. After being charged with violence causing mutilation or permanent disability, Van N. escaped to Canada in 2013. Here, he remained under a visitors' visa. According to the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, he did not apply for an extension, and none was granted.

French police started an investigation into Van N.'s malpractice after several complaints from patients. The dentist made victims of around 120 people, 60 of which were seriously injured, CBC writes.

The border agency of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) tracked Van N. down to an apartment in New Brunswick. During a telephonic statement to the Immigration Board of Canada Friday morning, Mark van N. blurted out a confession to killing his wife in 2006. According to Board spokesperson Charles Hawkins, "his statement was... he thought they would want him to return to his country, which is The Netherlands, because he murdered his wife there in 2006. And no one has any information about that, other than he admitted that", he said.

According to De Telegraaf, the only information about Van N.'s wife's death is the presumption that she died due to alcohol abuse. The crime is not expired, if it appears that Van N.'s confession is true.

It is unclear whether France has asked for extradition.