Another €500k error by A'dam tax office

The Municipal Tax Service in Amsterdam has again made a mistake. This time the municipality refunded too little of the waste charges. 

3822 households overpaid waste charges, and few of them were refunded. Additionally, a number of new residents weren't charged the waste charges for part of 2013. The amounts vary by household, but the total amount was around 430 thousand euros.

This is not the first time that the Municipal Tax Service in Amsterdam was negligent. The service has been rapped over the knuckles before when calculating the property value of Amsterdam homes. Last year the service paid 188 million euro to housing costs instead of 1.88 million euro, reports.

Responsible councilor Udo Kock wrote a letter stating that this incident demonstrates that improvements in the management of the Municipal Tax Service in Amsterdam are essential. For this an improvement plan was drawn up.

It is expected that it will take several years for the problems to be completely resolved.