LIVECAM: Sumatran tiger cub born in Arnhem zoo

In the Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, a Sumatran tiger cub was born last night. The birth was live streamed via a video camera inside the birthing area.

According to De Telegraaf, the birth came a little sooner than predicted. The little cat was meant to be born later this week.

People can watch the live video stream of mother tiger and her newly born cub via YouTube, where the Zoo tells watchers to share what they see via the Zoo's Facebook and Twitter pages.

According to the Zoo's Facebook page, the live cam was also installed to minimize disruption to the animals from carers, who can keep an eye on the newborn cub and the mother's behavior via the camera.

At just before 9.30 a.m., mother tiger took her cub out of the cage into the sunlight.


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