Over 50,000 can't call emergency line 112 from home

According to KPN director, Jacob Groote, between 50 thousand and 60 thousand people can not call 112 from their mobile phones because they have no coverage at home.

The Netherlands has an area the size of 60 thousand football fields without mobile coverage, de Gelderlander reports. This is approximately 1 percent of the Netherlands. According to Groote this problem is not only in the border regions, but also includes cities.

Residents from different regions in the Netherlands are complaining about the bad accessibility of 112. Because the emergency number is unreachable by mobile, emergency services can not be called in in several areas.

Under the law Telecom providers do not have to provide 100 percent coverage. Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs said last month that residents in areas without mobile coverage would be wise to keep a fixed telephone line, de Gelderlander reports.

The KPN director anticipates an investigation into the mobile accessibility of 112. According to Groote getting 100 percent mobile coverage for the Netherlands is not realistic. He says that they can not simply drop new transmission towers everywhere.

Telecom experts say that several thousand new transmission towers will be needed to ensure mobile coverage throughout the Netherlands.