Dutch children no longer world's happiest

Based on a study done on 39 Western countries, Dutch children are no longer the happiest children in the world. This year the lead went to Macedonia, a country that wasn't even on the list last year.

The 2013 report of the British organization The Children's Society showed that Dutch children were the happiest children in that year. The research is based on six components: money, self esteem, relationships, education, surroundings and leisure time. This year Dutch children were only less satisfied than Macedonian children.

Remarkably, American and Canadian children are among the unhappiest in the world. Only Turkish children have it worse.

The Children's Society's report is based in part on their own research and in part on data from the Heath Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC) study. The HBSC study investigates the health and well being of children in Europe and North America every four years.