Dutch Bonnie & Clyde confess to crime spree

The Public prosecutor confirmed that Antonio Marcos van der Ploeg and Enise Bircan, known as the Dutch Bonnie and Clyde, confessed to their crime spree after weeks of silence.

This was also confirmed by Bircan's attorney.

The police launched a manhunt for these to after several violent robberies. Van der Ploeg and Bircan began their foray in Drenthe, then moved to Brabant and Twente. They were eventually arrested in a hotel in Germany on February 26th.

For weeks they refused to issue a statement about what they had done. According to Bircan's attorney Advocate Plasman, his client wanted to come to rest first. Plasman would give no explanation on what Bircan has declared, what her role was or how she views the crimes committed. He did well say that Bircan's confession does not mean she agrees with how the Public Prosecutor is presenting the facts. The legal interpretation of what she has done is certainly still under discussion, Plasman says. This also goes for Van der Ploeg's confession.

The duo will appear before the judge on Tuesday.


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