Anti-Zwarte Piet lawyer quits after death threats

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Judicial advisor of the anti-Zwarte Piet groups, Frank King, is removing himself from the judicial process around the issue after receiving several death threats, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

In an interview with the AD, King says that his heart is still in the case, and that he may get involved again some time. "If the topic makes it to the European Human Rights Court, they can call me", King tells the AD.

For now, however, the 50-year-old advisor from Leiden is done. He believes that there is some kind of schism between what he thinks he is doing, and what others think he's doing. "I seem myself as lawyer of the counter-movement against Zwarte Piet. But the supporters see that differently. They now see me as the face of the counter-movement. And are directing their anger at me."

Recently, the lawyer has received threats and abuse on all levels of communication. He receives the worst by mail. He is threatened, and he is abused because he has parents from Suriname. "One mail said that I should have been put on a 17th century slave ship, just like my ancestors."

King has had enough of the abuse, as well as the case, which is taxing in time. King does emphasize that he is proud of his involvement, and proud of the progress made.