Hiker finds sealed box of 11 kittens; cats rescued

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In Utrecht, a hiker discovered 11 kittens trapped in a sealed box in the Kanaleneiland neighborhood last night. RTV Utrecht reports that the kittens have been delivered to the animal ambulance, who reported of the incident on Facebook.  The walker heard mewling noises coming out of a banana box, and immediately phoned the animal ambulancce hotline.

  Inside the box, 11 kittens were trapped together. A spokesperson for the animal ambulance tells RTV Utrecht that it's lucky the kittens were found. "It was very warm in the box. Some kittens were suffocating." In the animal ambulance office, the kittens were given water and some food, and are already doing better. On Tuesday, the kittens will be brought to the animal shelter. The ambulance's Facebook post has been shared almost 400 times, and angry animal lovers vent their fury over this cruelty. One person even vows to unfollow the page because there is so much animal cruelty reported.