Diesel, LPG sales continue falling

. Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Ianmacm

During the first half of this year 200 million liter less diesel was sold than during the same period last year.

With sales of 530 million liters, June was the worst sales month since August 2003, the trade organization Bovag announced on Tuesday based on CBS figures. The LPG sales decreased with almost 20 percent in the first half of the year.

According to Bovag the extreme declines can almost completely be attributed to the increases in excise duties since January 1st, BNR reports. Based on the CBS figures trade organizations Bovag and BETA expect the diesel and LPG sales to decrease by 610 million liters this year.

Because of the higher diesel price, transporters are filling their trucks outside of the Netherlands, while individuals from Belgium and Germany no longer visits the Dutch border pumps, Bovag says.

The consequences for the Treasury are also evident, the organization calculates. The Cabinet budgeted on an extra 280 million euro income from the increased excise duties on diesel and LPG (excluding inflation), but based on the forecast they will receive minus 3 million euros, BNR reports.