Utrecht named world's best cycling city

According to a CNN list of the world's best cycling cities, which rewards aspiration, ambition and progress, Utrecht is featured as the best city in The Netherlands, among other surprising cities in the world.

"Lists like this one traditionally begin with Amsterdam", the CNN writes. The judges have decided against the Dutch capital because of the "hordes of wobbling tourists on bright-red rental machines."

Instead, Utrecht's city planning is just as friendly to bicycles, and is considered safe enough, even as a big city, for families to bike through. With 50 percent of the local population choosing the bike to commute, Utrecht is also attempting to make the city more accessible by bicycle, and is building a 12,500-space cycle parking facility. According to the CNN, this may be the world's biggest bike parking facility.

Mark Treasure, a well-known cycling blogger from England, remarks at the regularity of bicycles among families. "I find it hard to imagine children this young cycling into the center of any UK city at all, let alone cycling in and looking so happy and relaxed and so ordinary", he .

The CNN writes that Utrecht "has a fair claim to being the globe's most pro-two-wheel destination."