Massive port fire in grease factory under control

A fire ravaged grease factory Aveno in Vlaardingen on Sunday, leaving little of the structure behind. The neighborhood is filled with the smell of soot and oil. A spillage from the factory leaves the embankment of the Koningin Wilhelmina harbor slick. The fire department declared that the fire was put out at around 2.30 a.m. this morning. 

Some fire trucks are still on the scene to monitor the building, according to security region Rijnmond.

The fire broke out beginning afternoon on Sunday in a shed belonging to a transport company. It spread to the grease factory. On Monday, the harbor remains closed. Train traffic between Rotterdam and Vlaardingen resumed normal services early Monday morning.

"It was an intense fire, everyone could see that clearly" a fire department official said Monday to RTV Rijnmond.

Due to the threat of collapse, the remainder of the burnt grease factory building has to be broken down. Neighboring businesses are also affected by the fire. Some have damage and are without power.

The roads in the surrounding area have been closed off, as the streets have to be cleaned of the slick greasy substance.