Ebola info at Schiphol for travelers to Nigeria

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The Public Health Department is handing out Ebola awareness flyers to travelers at Schiphol heading for Nigeria.

A spokesperson for the GGD Kennemerland said on today that the flyers contain information in Dutch and English, about how big the chances are of contracting the virus and what preventive measures they could take. They also receive information about which symptoms to watch out for and what to do in case they do get sick.

The flyer also urges travelers to get in contact with their doctor in case they catch a fever within 14 days after they return. And anyone who has contact with an Ebola patients should get in touch with their doctor immediately.

The deadly virus has killed more than 1,145 people in West Africa over the past six months in its most severe outbreak since it was first identified in 1976. Sierra Leone, Guinee and Liberia were hardest hit. Nigeria also reported cases.

The GGD flyers at Schiphol are only handed to people on direct flights to Lagos, the Nigerian capital. There are no direct flights between Schiphol and the other nations where the disease has been reported.