Wilders to hold Hague anti-ISIS rally in Sept.

PVV-leader Geert Wilders is spearheading a counter-attack against the growing force of muslim radicals forming "a small caliphate" in The Hague, in the form of the second March for Freedom. The politician is calling on everyone to participate in the march on the 20th of September. The battle ground will be the volatile Schilderswijk neighborhood, De Telegraaf reports. 

The announcement comes as a threat to the non-native citizens of the city, who are answering Wilders' 'war-cry' with mass-recruitment of 'troops' to protect the neighborhood.

According to the PVV-leader, countless people are angry, seeing the Schilderswijk community harangued by specifically muslim extremists and young incendiaries, who Wilders believes must be stopped. A specific point of departure for Wilders' outrage is the manner in which an anti-ISIS demonstration was interrupted on Sunday with a blockade, violence against police officers, and the attack on journalists.

Wilders fears that the neighborhood is becoming "a small caliphate" because the police led the first March for Freedom, which was officially announced, around the pro-ISIS counter-demonstrators instead of the other way around. "We have to show that we will not stand for that", Wilders says.

"We have to go there with tens of thousands", Wilders says in his call for action. "If I have to, I will walk there on my own with the Dutch flag. Although the people who protect me will not like that idea."

In answer to the demonstration from the PVV-leader, the neighborhood's residents of muslim radicals will "heavily arm" themselves, a man, Zakaria, tells De Telegraaf. "This time we are with hundreds. The police can't stop that. We will protect ourselves against tear gas and water canons. If we have to, we will lay spike strips on the road to keep the Mobile Unit away."


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