New supermarket chains coming to NL

New budget supermarkets are set to hit the Netherlands in the coming months. Prompted by the increasing success of German chains Lidl and Aldi, three new stores will aim to compete in the budget food and discount goods market.

The new chains, named Pallet Advantage, Budget Food and Gekke Gerrit, will enter the market with hopes of claiming market share. German chains Lidl and Aldi have seen their market share grow from 8 to 14 percent in recent years, accorrding to newspaper De Telegraaf.

Credited largely to the economic downturn, more people are regularly attending discount supermarkets. This change has prompted discount supermarkets to expand their range and opening times. Specifically, Lidl distinguishes itself as a store with a wide range of fresh products, where all shopping can be done.

Budget Food and Pallet Advantage have opened several new stores across the Netherlands. Gekke Gerrit is set to opens their first branch in Amsterdam next month.