Speedboat Capt. held in manslaughter case

An investigating judge in Utrecht has remanded the 49-year-old man suspected of causing a boating accident which killed two people on Monday. The suspect is being investigated for manslaughter by the public prosecutor after a judge refused any possibility to charge the man with homicide.

The man will be held for an additional 14 days pending further investigation.

The suspect is believed to have been the captain of a speedboat that rammed into a wooden barge, killing two of the barge's four passengers. Ernst Noordyk, 51, and Johan Koetje, 42, were pronounced dead at the scene, a pond in Vikeveense. Their friends, two men in their forties, survived the crash.

Police believe that the speedboat driver may have been traveling at dangerously high speed and without lights. The speed limit at the pond is reportedly six kilometers per hour.

The two other defendants involved in the case, a man aged 30 and a woman aged 26, remain in custody awaiting charges.

On Wednesday, the investigating judge ordered the man's release after ruling that homicide was not a possible charge. The prosecution successfully appealed the judge's order.