Princess Irene turns 75

Princess Irene of The Netherlands celebrates her 75th birthday today. The mother, grandmother, and environmental champion tells EO-program Blauw Bloed (Blue Blood) that age is just a number, and that she is still very active. She is in Switzerland with her family to celebrate.

The princess says that it is society that thinks being 75 years old is something special, "and that you should feel old." Princess Irene is active, however, joking that she does sport "to stay fit for doing sport."

The princess does skiing, walks and climbs often. She also still works full-time. The princess founded NatuurCollege in 2001, an organization that promotes the "recovery of the bond between man and nature." The princess puts a lot of effort into the protection of nature, and does that by bringing nature and man closer together.

Princess Irene has four children with Carlos Hugo, whom she divorced in 1981. Her son, Prince Jaime, was made ambassador to the Holy Chair in Vatican City last month by King Willem-Alexander. The princess also has six grandchildren, the youngest of which, Alaïa-Maria, was born last Spring.