Body of man missing 26 years found in river

After being declared missing for more than a quarter of a century, the body of Robert Leur has finally been found in the Waal river in Brakel. The man who disappeared in 1988 is suspected of having committed suicide, and the police have been busy pulling his car out of the river. 

Dogs from Signi in De Rips barked at the Waal during a police investigation, and police found the wreckage of the car with sonar.

These search dogs from Signi are specially trained in finding drowned persons or missing persons in disaster areas. They are also trained to help in cases where a person has been missing for a long time.

Jeanette Kruit from Signi tells Omroep Brabant that her dogs solved a 26-year-old missing persons case. "Several weeks ago we really had time to look and then we finally went and did what we have been planning for some time."

Kruit says that her dogs barked very loudly and quickly, which is when they knew they were in the right place. The divers then continued the job. "I am time and again truly  amazed at the capacity of the dogs. Finding this after 26 years is actually strange and also very emotional. The family is present as well. We do this as respectfully as possible. Also during a search action." Signi performs the search action independently, and calls the police when something is discovered.

Frank de Valk, spokesperson for the police in Gelderland believes that this is a case of suicide. "The particular thing is that we solve this case after all those years after a private search action with search dogs."