Delays, Schiphol due to weather

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Passengers flying out through Schiphol have been advised to check for delays with their airline, as the heavy weather throughout the country is affecting flights, and causing delays of up to two hours. 

Because of thunderstorms and bad visibility, Schiphol airport is expecting that European air traffic will be especially affected by delays for most of the day.

Earlier this morning, the airport put a handling prohibition into force for 90 minutes due to the severe weather. This meant that planes could not be fueled, and baggage could not be loaded or unloaded from aircrafts.

The airport announces that it is not ruling out the possibility that another handling prohibition could be put into force later in the day.

Rotterdam airport and Eindhoven airport have not issued warnings, but some flights at Eindhoven airport are experiencing delays. It is unclear whether this is due to the weather.