Dutch PM Rutte speaks with Putin, Merkel

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has granted unrestricted cooperation to make sure that the bodies of the victims who perished in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine can be repatriated. 

At issue is the refrigerated train that will be used to transport the bodies. This train has been stuck in an area where pro-Russian separatists are in charge. They have been blocking the train from being able to reach the crash site.

On Sunday, Rutte and Putin spoke for the third time. Several other points were also discussed. Putin has promised immediate unrestricted access to the crash site, as well as the issue of the black boxes. These have to be handed over, which Putin is giving his full support, as Rutte says. These black boxes are rumored to be in the hands of the rebels in Donetsk at this moment.

Rutte also spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron. According to Rutte, these discussions are meant to contribute to their lead priority, "to put pressure on all parties to get the bodies back."