Dutchman killed in small plane crash in Corsica

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A 69-year-old Dutch national died on the French island Corsica on Sunday when the small aircraft he was in crashed.

Two Belgians –the 56-year-old pilot and a 38-year-old female passenger- also perished in the crash. The Piper PA-28R aircraft owned by the small Belgian charter airline Schuybroek Aviation Inc., had taken off from Calvi, north of the island. Its destination was the Italian island of Elba. Apparently it encountered bad weather in the Urtaca Mountains, where it crashed.Local news media published pictures of the aircraft after it crashed. The force of the crash catapulted two of the aircraft's occupants out of the wreckage; they were killed instantly. The third was still alive when rescue teams arrived, but was stuck inside and died before he was freed from the wreckage. Schuybroek Aviation Inc. is based in Dover. The Piper apparently had already made a belly landing in 2012 in Groningen, when its landing gear got stuck. The names of the deceased have not been released yet.