New school rating scores published

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RTL Nieuws has published all Cito-test, or final exam, scores from primary schools in The Netherlands in 2014. According to the results from this year as well as the two years before, the schools get an overall mark that reveals how schools are performing on average. 

RTL Nieuws compiled the results, keeping in mind that schools operate differently, and also have a varied student body. Some schools, for example, mainly have children who are already behind while others have children with higher-educated parents. Some schools also don't make weaker children do the Cito test.

The average score is calculated on the basis of available years and the percentage of participants. These scores are then compared to scores of schools with a similar student body.

Scores are given from 1-10. For the purposes of the research, Drempeltoets scores from Protestant-Christian schools and the aptitude tests from the student tracking system have been converted to Cito scores on the basis of the Education inspection. Schools using other testing methods have not been counted.

Parents can check their schools in the RTL Nieuws tool, which is available on their website. Some schools have been left out, as they are missing information.