No new rush hour train tax: report

The NS plan for a peak hour train tax has been dropped. According to sources from the Algemeen Dagblad, the plan is still being researched, but it is almost certain that it is infeasible. 

The plan would see a 10 percent rise in train travel fare during rush hour. Whoever would travel outside rush hour would get an off-peak discount of 12 percent at most.

This idea came from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, who will have to pay the NS €100 million over a period of 10 years if the plan does not go through, according to sources from the AD. This could be the financial reason behind the NS's change of heart.

"It's obvious that the NS stamped the plan as 'not achievable', especially with that prospective indemnity", a source tells the AD. This indemnity was stated in the confidential agreement made in 2011.

The plan is meant to spread the passenger stream throughout the day to make train travel go more smoothly. The NS will come with a proposal to see if that does indeed work. The fare hike could mean that commuters will opt for the car again, however, which is also a reason to shoot down the plan.