Families of missing women consider memorial

The families of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, the two Dutch girls who disappeared, and died in the jungles of Panama, are telling the people who have supported them for so long that they may organize a memorial.

"It is nice to see that so many people think of us", a statement from the family reads. They are very touched by the effect that their daughters' disappearance has had not only on their home town of Amstelveen, but far beyond that. The parents are considering a memorial to have a moment of silence. A spokesperson for the family says that no concrete date has yet been set.

The families have come to terms with the death of the girls, but are not yet satisfied with the amount of details about how they died. Another search party will go out to look for leads that may give clarity on the mystery of the girls' death. "There are still too many questions lying open to find peace in that."

The family cannot yet say farewell, as the case is still open as to what exactly happened to Lisanne and Kris. The family spokesperson says that they are not ruling out a crime. "We want to determine what exactly happened with them and if there were third parties involved."

After almost three months of no trace, human remains were found in the jungles of Panama. After investigation, an ID match was made with both Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers. Investigatorrs are still working on possible clues to be found on the girls' camera and phones, which were discovered in a backpack lying abandoned by a river.

The authorities will resume the search in the jungle as soon as the weather permits it. The place is difficult to reach, and the safety of the search parties must be ensured.