More Dutch choose intercontinental vacations

More than 700,000 Dutch opted for a holiday further from home this year which is 100,000 more than previous years. The USA will receive most Dutch tourist with 239,000 people visiting the States and neighboring country Canada will be seeing a lot more Dutch tourists as well this year. Tropical destinations such as Indonesia and the Netherlands Antilles are very high in demand as well.
Although we can see a clear trend of more Dutch traveling further away this year, a lot of Dutch still choose to spend their holiday closer to home. Even though less Dutch will be visiting France this year, it still is the top holiday destination with 1.34 million Dutch visitors this year.

Second most visited country by the Dutch is still Spain (with 814,000 tourists), but even they will see less Dutch tourist compared to other years. Greece on the other hand became more popular this year with 530,000 visitors. Germany, which is the third most favored holiday destination with746,000 visitors and Italy takes the fourth place with 678,000 visitors.

Although a lot of Dutch will be seeking the sun this summer overseas, 2.5 million Dutch preferred to spend their holidays in their own backyard this year which is about 50,000 more people compared to last year.

All figures come from a research performed by Continu Holiday Research (Continu Vakantie Onderzoek).