Remains found in Panama are Lisanne Froon's

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The remains found in the forests of Panama last Thursday belong to Lisanne Froon, one of the Dutch girls who, along with Kris Kremers, disappeared in the Central American country in April. DNA investigation determined the identity of the remains in a forensic laboratory in Panama City, the family has been notified, the NOS reports.

No trace has yet been found of Kris Kremers, Lisanne's friend, who disappeared at the same time. According to the NOS, the DNA investigation looked into three samples, two of which seem to contain DNA from Lisanne Froon. The investigation into the third sample, which contains forest material instead of fabric like the other two samples, will not have results before a press conference to be held on Monday.

The samples were compared with DNA from the girls' families, which they gave to the lab. Researchers worked day and night to find concrete answers.

On Thursday, shows and bones were discovered in the area where backpacks were earlier found by an indigenous woman. These backpacks contained personal items that were believed to have belonged to the girls. One of the shoes found, seemed to be of a brand that is only available in The Netherlands.

According to the NRC, authorities in Panama will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. Netherlands time about the missing women.