Ymere to evict 200 from Amsterdam Centrum

Ymere, the Amsterdam-based housing corporation, is going to evict 180 households from their social rental homes in the next five years. The reasoning behind this is that these homes will be renovated to be sold or rented out in the private sector.

The housing corporations may use force to get these families and single households out, under the judicial argument of urgent personal use. The families will be offered another home, but that option might be too expensive, and is often far away.

Ron Onverzaagt, director of Ymere for the regions North and Center, insists that the most important aspect of this measure is the renovation of the homes, which he says are in a bad state. The proceeds will go to the renovation of 270 badly maintained homes. This is the 180 homes already mentioned, on top of 90 other homes that will remain in the social sector.

The evicted persons will be offered new social homes fitting to their income. Renters with a yearly income of up to €34,000, who are also eligible for the social segment according to EU standards, will receive a home with a fitting rent. Those who earn up to €43,ooo will also get another social rental home, but against the maximum allowed rent. Those earning more than €50,000 will not get a social rental home.

Those affected by the last ruling will receive first dibs on a private sector home outside the center for €700 a month. If they want to remain in the city, they will have to pay more than that, Onverzaagt says.


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