Waste piling up on Garbage Strike day 2

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Garbage collectors are still on strike in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen. Garbage is lying on the streets in these cities. The cool, overcast weather is preventing serious odor problems, but residents and business owners are starting to complain.  The strike has been planned for three days, ending on Wednesday. In Amsterdam, piles of trash are dotting the streets. Workers from the municipal services have been fighting for a better collective labour union for a year already. The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) is not letting up, however.

Thanks to the mild weather, the garbage is not starting to smell yet. "The weather gods are thankfully merciful", a spokesperson for the city of Utrecht says.

There are, however, complaints brewing on social media. On Twitter people are complaining about the mess, and the waste of municipal tax. Other tweeters are more sympathetic. "The #garbage on my street is piling up. Entirely fine, because sign of very valid protest after years of zero line." Another tweeter notes the municipal workers' use of garbage as a weapon to reach a positive end. On Thursday, the garbage collectors will resume their work. https://twitter.com/Pimseltown/status/478451097670266880 https://twitter.com/MilenFNVHoreca/status/478619561156034560