One missing in boat rescue; three saved

The search for a missing person in the Vlietlanden recreational lake will continue today after stalling last night. Rescuers will use specialist technology to scan the 30-meter deep waters for the man, who disappeared after a boating accident yesterday.

The Vlietlanden is a network of lakes in-between Voorschoten and Leidschendam, surrounded by patches of wood, and is a popular area for recreational water sports such as boating and water-skiing.

The recreational boater went sailing on the lake on Thursday evening, when the vessel capsized for unknown reasons, throwing the man and three other companions into the waters. The others managed to swim to the shore, but a 32-year old man from The Hague is still missing.

The search action was launched by the fire department last night, but due to approaching darkness, the search was put off until today.

Divers will have to continue search actions today. They can dive to a depth of 15 meters, and will use the specialized technology to scan the depths for traces of the missing man.