Tips pour in over horse beatings

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Police are looking for people who have severely mistreated many horses all over the Netherlands. Ten horses were injured in Noord Brabant, more specifically, in Den Dungen, Sint-Oedenrode and Oirschot. On Tuesday, the investigation started and 50 tips were revealed.

The investigation of the horse abuse has been going on for almost a year. Many cases of animals' mistreatment look the same. Among 60 cases of inflicting severe injuries to horses, mainly to mares, 40 cases were made using the same method. Injuries were made by a sharp object.

Ten cases happened in Brabant, specifically in Den Dungen, Sint-Oedenrode, Oirschot, Vessem, Berlicum, and Boxtel. The police doesn't assume that all assaults were committed by the same person.

Horses were injured in many Dutch provinces, from Limburg to Noord-Holland. Policemen think that the criminal carefully chose places to escape unseen.

Tuesday night, some clues for the criminal's identity have been shown. Detectives noticed that the person who had committed assaults left 1.30-meter sticks in places of crime. If further tips will arrive, horse owners can call 0800-6070. However, policemen ask horse- and stable owners to be alert. Injuries on the back of the horse should be reported to the police and to the veterinarian. Horse owners are recommended to make photos of wounds.