Pim Fortuyn killer moves to Apeldoorn

Volkert van der G.
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Residents of the central district in Apeldoorn, Gelderland were stunned to find out that their newest neighbor is Volkert van der G., the convicted murderer of politician Pim Fortuyn. The municipality sent out a letter this morning informing residents that Van der G. has been living in the city for over a month.

Carl Nengerman, a 48-year-old resident, is fearful about what Van der G.'s presence in the city will mean, though he thinks "a child molester would have been worse", he said to the Algemeen Dagblad.

"My opinion is: someone who kills someone else for his opinion does not belong in this country," another upset resident said. "Go enjoy yourself in a country where you can kill people for their opinions."

Apeldoorn mayor John Berends has arranged a meeting this evening for the townspeople to explain the situation, though some say they are not willing to hear him out. "He has to live somewhere else", 31-year-old Adinda Mulder said.

What Mulder is most worried about is the annoyance of large, constant protests in her community. "The only thing you think about: as long as he doesn't live next to me. Soon there will be hoi polloi in front of the door. I don't feel like having demonstrations in the street".