Holiday weather in the 30s

The Pentecost weekend is going to be very warm in The Netherlands, with tropical weather expected by Weerplaza. Saturday as well as Monday, the temperatures will rise to above 30 degrees.

The Southeast will be sweltering under 32-33 degrees. The temperature will drop on Sunday, down to between 23 and 29 degrees.

The hot weather will also bring sunshine on Saturday. There is a small chance of a rain or thunder storm in the evening. Sunday will be cloudy, and the rain will break up the nice weather pattern, but it will return on monday.

The ultraviolet index is not to be underestimated for the weekend. For today, the ultraviolet index between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun is at its strongest, is 6. Unprotected and un-tanned skin can burn within 25 minutes at this level. Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, the ultraviolet index will go up to 7. At this level, skin can burn within 15 minutes.