Grandfather ditches car with kids inside after accident

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A 52-year-old driver was arrested on Monday evening in Nijmegen in connection with a hit-and-run crash, and abandoning his two grandchildren in his wrecked car. Police had sought the perpetrator since the incident on May 19th, which had also resulted in a 28-year-old man, from Nistelrode, Noord-Brabant, being injured. The arrested man was allegedly driving a car with false license plates. At around 9:15pm, when police attempted to stop the vehicle on the Koninginnelaan, the driver ignored a stop sign and fled at high speed, according to the police report. The suspect collided into the rear of a vehicle on the Neerbosschebrug about five kilometres away, badly damaging the other vehicle and injuring its driver. Police say the suspect drove off after the collision. The vehicle was later found ditched in the Hillekensacker area of Nijmegen with two of the suspect’s grandchildren, aged 4 and 5 years old still in the car. The driver escaped on foot. The children were promptly taken to hospital where they were checked for injuries. The suspect was questioned on Tuesday but was released later that day.

Britt Slegers contributed to this report