Boy (2) lives, father dies after leaping off building

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A two-year-old boy miraculously survived this morning when his father held him and jumped to his death from a 13-story building in Tilburg.

The drama unfolded around 10.45am at Sibelius street in Tilburg Noord. Newsreports from the area report that the man jumped out a window to the side of the building. The father was immediately killed when they landed on the sidewalk and the boy was badly injured. "I ran to their assistance when they fell. The boy was crying," a neighbor told De Stentor.

Police and emergency services were in the scene; the street was cordoned off while the child was rushed to Radboud hospital in Nijmegen. Apparently the boy lived in the building with his mother; the 43-year-old father resided somewhere else, but according to police the family was known to social services department.

It was not immediately clear what floor of the 13-story building the father had made his fatal jump from.