Waylon resurfaces after one week absent

Dutch musician Waylon, one-half of The Common Linnets, resurfaced today after he skipped several appearances over the last two weeks. An international social media campaign was organized to find the musician whose popularity rose after the band secured the runner-up position in the 2014 Eurovision song contest. The contest was won by Conchita Wurst of Austria.

Waylon posted a message to his Facebook page saying that he is alright, and finds it odd that he "is a national treasure and therefore there is also a national search" tasked with finding him. Saying that the Common Linnets was always partner Ilse de Lange's vehicle, and he was just along for the ride for the last year. His continuing participation in the duo was always agreed to be in varying capacity, according to his statement.

"I would have and wanted to commit myself to The Common Linnets for a longer period of time if this would happen outside of the Netherlands based on creative equality," he said. "It has nothing to do with money, but with the emotional commitment of two people [in] one duo in a solid formation, where we would continue to put our solo careers temporarily on ice."

Waylon did not show up for promotional performances in either Austria or Belgium last week, nor in Berlin on Tuesday night. He has reportedly had issues with drugs and alcohol addiction in the past, and is supposedly estranged from his parents.

He also mentioned the end-of-summer release of his album, “Heaven after Midnight”, which he said has already been recorded, but its release was postponed due to his participation in the European-wide competition.


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