Dutch jihadists take to YouTube in Syrian war

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A video was placed online showing how Dutch and Belgian mujahideen are fighting in Syria. The film was placed on YouTube by 'De Basis', or, 'The Basis' which is the Dutch translation of the Arabic Al-Qaeda.

In the film, called 'Martyr on the frontline' (Martelaar aan de frontline) a Dutch jihadist calls on "brethren" to join the fight in Aleppo. This Dutch man, who calls himseld Abu Khalid, lists all the advantages of becoming a religious fighter, and all the things that he will receive from Allah when he dies. Sins are forgiven, and 72 virgins await the martyr in heaven.

Khalid also talks about the Syrian president. "If we do not fight against these non-believers, then who will? [...] The roads to here are easy to walk. We are supported from all sides. There are brothers here from all over the world."

Herald Doornbos, reporter for the NRC in the Middle-East, tweeted that the video seems to have been made by a Belgian jihadist who also lives in Syria.