Common Linnets band member disappears

[update, 18:00, Wed. 27 May 2014: Waylon resurfaced with an announcement to his fans via Facebook.]

Waylon, of The Common Linnets, has been absent at scheduled performances for weeks now. It is unclear why, but he wishes not to react "to everything that is now happening", his management announces. 

Waylon is part of the duo The Common Linnets with Ilse DeLange, who came second in the Eurovision song contest, and have since become growingly popular not only in the Netherlands or Europe, but also the rest of the world.

In the last week, the singer was notably absent at promotional performances scheduled in Belgium and Wenen. In Berlin on Tuesday, Waylon was also not present, while he said on RTL Late Night that he enjoys touring. According to the Telegraaf, his fans are becoming worried.

Waylon has been in trouble with alcohol and drugs in the past, the paper writes,  causing him to be late or absent several times as well. The paper writes that Waylon broke contact with his parents last month, where he once went cold-turkey from his addictions, which the media in Copenhagen was not allowed to mention.

To add to the worry, Waylon's Twitter page has been inactive for a week. The singer's place in The Common Linnets has been replaced by American musician Jake Etheridge, as the show must go on. The band is now touring Europe to promote the album, which Waylon helped write.

Fans are confused as to why Waylon is absent. The band's worldwide success, coming in fifth in the world hit list, would lead one to think that the artist would be proud and excited to be part of the excitement. The song Calm After The Storm has become a hit in almost 20 European countries, the most success a Dutch Eurovision entry has ever had.